Explain Functional Skills in Your Specialist Area

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector
City and Guilds 7303
Level 3

Explain ways to embed Functional Skills in your specialist area
(300 – 500 words). Question 5

I aspire to become a primary school teacher but my area of expertise is in Technical Theatre Arts, which is a topic better suited to the secondary school level or students that have previously studied this topic on accelerated learning.   It has been proven that embedding functional skills along side curriculum subjects not alone has a greater success rate of achievement with students but also enables teachers to support each other and their students more effectively .(DfES 2006)
Functional skills were previously known as key skills and can be classified initially into three categories communication; through speech or text, application of number and information technology (IT). These are core skills it is necessary for student to posses on graduation that compliment the curriculum but also equip the learner with transferable skills that can be use indefinitely in their futures. Providing them with the tools to prosper in compulsory and further education through to employment

There a many benefits for embedding these functional skills along side vocational training or curriculum. Time is a factor that is important it allows the learner to cover two of more subjects in the same amount of time they would have usually covered just one. It allows the learners to implement these new skills in completing tasks and or activities relevant to their training. It also takes some of the pressure of the teachers usually responsible for giving these lectures by spreading the load throughout departments.

Being able to communicate clearly and confidently is an integral part of any person’s life socially of professionally. Application of maths is some thing learners will use when doing any cash transaction, conversion i.e. inches to cm or even telling the time. Having a competent knowledge of...