Example of a Case Study

This is a study of a 13year old Caucasian girl who was caught running away from home. This is not her first time running away or getting caught. At school Abby is letting her grades slip. She is also found under the influence of drugs and alcohol. All of these signs appear to be heading to delinquency. When found by the police Abby says the reason for her running away is because her step father is molesting her at home. This is a common lie told by youth as an excuse to why their life at home is so bad. Drugs can make anyone feel withdrawn from their lives and I feel this is the big reason here. Since this is not the first time Abby has run away I feel this might be routine activities theory. She has run away before and her parents brought her home. I feel because they have not given her a serious punishment before, she has no fear of the punishment she may receive again. She lives in an upper middle class neighborhood so I don’t know what sociological issues would affect Abby, because this is usually present in the lower class neighborhoods. I feel it would be closer to psychological theories because she mentions she ran away because of her step father. I feel an intervention that may help this child is more time with family and if she is not open to it then a severe at-home punishment should be given for rejection of the help being offered.
This is a study of a 16year old African American boy who comes from a poor neighborhood. He does well in school when he goes. He sometimes has to stay home to take care of his siblings, because his single mother works a few different jobs. He is starting to become active in gangs to help his mom with money. He was recently picked up by police for stealing. Stealing is never a good sign in my eyes. A thief is totally untrustworthy in my eyes. This kid needs help and quick. I feel Justin is engaging in illegal activity and doesn’t even realize the severity of it. This is a big problem in lower class...