Examine Muslim Beliefs About Risalah

“Examine Muslim beliefs about Risalah”.

Risalah is Allah’s way of communication and talking with humans on earth, through angels and prophets: both of which are mentioned heavily in the Qur’an. A Muslim should believe in Prophethood and in all the prophets sent by God while making no distinction between them. A prophet is a person chosen specifically by God. When the latter appoints someone as his Messenger, he sends his angels to inform them of their new status. In that way, the individual can have no doubts about his appointment as God's apostle. Prophets are human and do not possess any divine qualities, except being respectable, good and a charismatic person.
The Sunna and Hadith emphasise the importance of the example of prophets while the Shahada underline their role. All the prophets, according to Islam, brought the same basic truth: that there is only one God and that all human beings are accountable to God for their actions: when Doomsday finally comes, they will be judged by Him according to their good and bad deeds. Those who believe in God and His Prophet shall be rewarded by God in the next world, while those who disbelieve shall be punished by God in the next world as befits the deeds they have performed on earth.  
Every Prophet preached Islam and the belief of: charity, prayer, pilgrimage, worship of God, Tawid and fasting- all of which are key in a Muslims life. There is belief that hundreds of prophets existed but only 25 prophets are mentioned by name in the Qur’an. Out of the 25 mentioned 5 are considered to be God’s favourites: Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Isa (Jesus), Nuh (Noah) and Muhammad. It is arguable that Muhammad, as the seal of the prophets, is the most important.
Born in Mecca (570 ce) Muhammad is the final of God’s messengers. It is through Muhammad that we even possess the Qur’an as it was revealed to the latter through angel Jibraeel. It was after this first revelation that he informed his wife, Khadija, of what had...