Biblical Aspects of Acculturation

Biblical Aspects of Acculturaion
Integration Consideration
Secular Concepts – acculturation assimilation, bicultural stance, separation, marginalization
Biblical concept – biblical adaptation with integrity

Biblical adaptation with integrity
  * The Christian adapts to the host culture in such a way as to establish meaningful relationships with people from that culture; however, the Christian does not compromise personal faith values and so maintains a stance of uncompromised integrity in any new attitudes and behaviors.
  * Examples – Joseph in Egypt (Genesis ch 37 ch 50)
  * Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego in Babylon & Persia (book of Daniel)
  * Ester (book of Esther)
  * Ruth (book of Ruth)
Paul (Acts, 1 Corinthians)
Hudson Taylor (missionary to china)
As Christian adapting to another culture, we are not called to acculturation or assimilation.   We are called to a process of prayerful discernment in which we display Biblical adaptation with Integrity.   This is the principle see in the Old and New Testaments.   We do not have to compromise to relate to people.   Loving our neighbor as ourselves is a universal language that can led people to Christ.
The person may experience – assimilation, separation, marginalization, biculturalization (integrated)
Typical Methods of Acculturation assessment in many clinics
  * None is done
  *   - “luck of the draw”
  * Surname
  * Asking the client whether she prefers a therapist of the same race/culture
Acculturation assessment – acculturalization processes are complex.   Often a client may behave in a more majority culture manner in one situation and a more original cultural way in another.   Such behavior can complicate assessment and make the focus of therapy unclear.   The therapist may have to determine whether a client with a particular set of problems will respond better to a bicultural approach, a more majority culture one, or whether the client will need...