Evaluate Your Own Knowledge and Performance Against Standards and Benchmarks

Be able to prioritize goals and targets for your own professional development.
2:2:1 Evaluate your own knowledge and performance against standards and benchmarks.
Some of the standards and benchmarks that I apply to my area of work:
A: GSCC code of practice: 1.4: Respecting and maintaining the dignity and privacy of the service user. I address each individual using their preferred name. I discuss any sensitive or confidential matters in private. Sharing only with those who have a need and right to know and where consent has been given. I treat individuals fairly and do not make value judgments or assumptions. I ensure that I speak to each individual at least daily to monitor their well-being and deals with any potential problems quickly. I stress the importance of privacy and dignity at induction, training and team meetings.
B: GSCC code of practice 6.6: Recognizing that you remain responsible for the work that you have delegated to workers. I address each staff and make sure they have the right training or experience. I ensure that each staff has a CRB check. Check references. Explain to staff how they should do their job and make sure they are given appropriate training. Observing how the staff are working. I discuss policies and procedures with staff and check to see if they understood them. Have supervisions, appraisals and meetings on a regular basis. Making sure staff know how to speak up and complain when they are not happy about something and how to get help if needed. Support staff to meet all of the rules in the policy and procedures, and never asking them to do anything which might break these rules. I also ensure staff are given any good training needed. Giving staff a chance to learn things to use in their work. Giving support and help to staff who might have problems with their workplace, ill or personal, if asked for. I stress the importance of staff understanding that it is wrong to bully, tease or ‘pick’   on other people. Making sure this can...