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    Internationalization is the increasing geographical dispersion of economic activities across national borders. The strategies of a hotel company to internationalization are important. Accor, Star- wood and InterContinental are three of big ten world hotel chains. In this essay, their strategies will be compared. The similarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses of their strategies will be presented from several aspects, and the influences of these strategies on their performance to date and in the future will be analyzed as well. Hotel industry is an important part of tourist industry, which is a sunrise industry. It is an important window of reception for the foreigners as well as a proof of the elevation of the people's life. Therefore, importance is attached to hotel industry by all industries as an major reflection of service and trade. With the rapid development of the economy and the tourist industry, there emerges a lot of luxury hotels in Xiamen. Intense competition occurs. In order to win the market, some hotels reduces starts price war which finally worsen the operation of the industry.
    Key Words: Intercontinental Hotel Group,Strategies,Expansion

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    The organizational structure change of enterprises should be subject to the change of strategy, and strategy change is the reaction to the environment change (Harrison and Cathy, 2005). The expansion strategy of hotel groups generally includes three types: the single expansion, vertical integration and diversification (Harrison and Cathy, 2005). The expansion of hotel group mainly takes three strategies: property expansion, franchising and...