"Evaluate the Claim That Person-Centred Therapy Offers the Therapist All That He/She Will Need to Treat Clients".

My aim is to explore Carl Roger's theory that Person Centred Therapy was a complete system for therapists to offer help in a counseling way to clients presenting with a full array of issues. I will do this by establishing my understanding of the basic theory, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of Rogers theory and consider other opinions and criticisms.  

Carl Rogers  
Carl Rogers 1902-1987, he was born in Illinois, USA and he married his childhood sweetheart. He was university educated, he chose to join a Christian missionary in New York instead of following into the family farming business   He went on to study psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University and after becoming disillusioned with the rigidity of the church. He worked with children and families in New York for 12 years and in this time began to develop his ideas and theories on an individual's capacity for self help.

Person-Centred Therapy
Carl Rogers was known as a humanistic psychologist who changed the face of counseling by using a new approach.  

Humanism is based, first of all, on a fundamental attitude that emphasises the dignity and worth of each individual human being. Secondly, it is based on the belief that people are rational beings who possess within themselves the capacity for truth and goodness. The humanistic concept of the person is based on a model of growth, in which the person is seen as always striving to create, achieve or become.   The need for self-fulfillment or self-actualisation is regarded as a fundamental human drive. From a humanistic point of view, fulfillment and growth are achieved through the search for meaning in life The humanistic view of the person as actively seeking meaning and fulfillment puts a strong focus on the concept of process. Self-actualisation or fulfillment is a continual challenge or journey to be experienced, not an end-state to be attained.   This view of the nature of humanity directly contrasts with the conflict model...