Ethics Awarness

This paper will explain the Ethics Awareness Inventory survey that I completed along with how my values correspond to Kudler Fine Foods. I will explain how the assessment allowed me to identify my values using William Institute’s Evaluation Survey. This survey is based on a C.O.R.E system.
Business Ethics
What is Ethics or even Business Ethics? When that question is asked most of the time people have a hard time answering it especially in the business world. Most people will say that ethics is simply knowing the difference between right and wrong and then making sound decision based on what you have learned as a child. Business ethics is a little more complex than just knowing what is right and wrong. Business ethics looks at ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that exist in a business setting. It mostly applies to any aspect of business that is related to the conduct of people and business organizations as a whole.
My Personal Values Assessment
Completing the William Institute’s Evaluation Survey was very interesting. The Ethics Awareness Inventory allowed us to determine our values with respect to ethics. My ethical profile showed that I was mostly aligned with character and least aligned with equity. When it comes to character I tend to base my ethical perspective on what it is to be good rather than what it is good to do. I feel that ethics should focus on ways to help people achieve moral excellence. If I have to judge whether an individual’s actions are ethical, I will look past the actions and look at the person character alone. In my assessment uprightness and integrity are my key factors. I want to see the virtue in people which include traits as honor, justice, and benevolence. For myself I believe that virtue is reflected in the quality of an individual’s character and character is more important than an individual’s actions.
Learning about my ethical style was interesting. What was described in my ethical style I...