Ethics Awareness

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Ethics Awareness Inventory Self-Assessment

And Personal Values

Randall Duncan

University of Phoenix

Personal values are commonly considered to be ideals by which an individual lives. An individual’s values will not only qualify his personal conduct, but will also determine how he interacts with others. Those values are influenced by many things such as culture, family upbringing and moral instruction and are as varied as the individuals who own them. I will share some of my own basic values and describe why they are important to my life. Then, I will attempt to identify the values of Kudler Fine Foods and reflect on how those values align to my own.
      As part of my self-discovery, I completed the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Assessment. I discovered that my personal ethical perspective most identifies with that of “Character.”   This assessment proved accurate in all aspects. At the very core of my values system, I feel that it is not enough just to follow the rules set by society or to allow others to determine what is right. Instead, I believe a person’s character is what determines his morality. An individual must not only develop the wisdom to understand the difference between right and wrong, but he must also consistently apply that knowledge in every aspect of his life. An individual may comply with all the rules and norms of society, but remain unethical if his character is less than exemplary.
      Since my value system is based on exemplary character, it is no wonder that wisdom is such an important value in my life. In order to make fair and just decisions, it is important that I can clearly differentiate between right and wrong. I do not believe that there is always one and only one solution to a problem. I believe that every situation is unique and that many things must be considered before determining the best course of action. Wisdom is of particular...