Ethical Issues Paper

Ethical Issues Paper
Angela Weddle
March 22, 2010
Steven Jessup
This is a report that addresses the ethical issues of business; that people face in their life everyday at home, at work, even at work. Three ethical issues that people face in their everyday life that does not just in the people’s place of work but also in the community will be discussed. The three ethical issued that will be covered are: discrimination, employee layoffs, and sexual harassment. These three are only some ethical issues that people face in today’s workplace and in the environment on a day-to-day basis.
Ethical Issues Paper
Business Issues
What is business ethics? According to wiseGEEK (2003-2010), “Is the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world.” (What is Business Ethics?, para.1). The ethics of a certain business organization may be discrete. The ethics do not just apply to how this business communicates with rest of the world, but includes what the business’ one-on-one business relations with an individual client. A business organization may also be a type of enforced ethics that can analyze the morals, the problems, and the principles of ethics that can happen in a business organization and environment. This includes pressure from a business’ ethics application used through the representation of new enthusiasm and laws.
The ethics of a business may require that the business organization take a closer look at a business in world around them. A business should consider the morality, the ethical reasoning, and the ethical applications. An example may be the manager of the business’ philosophy of morality, in the long run will affect the ethical beliefs of the said manager. The philosophy of morality pertains to the systems overall belief, that is behind a person’s knowledge of knowing the difference between right from wrong. According to Cuizon (2009), “It is important to be acquainted with moral philosophy,...