Ethics Issues

Ethics Issues Paper

    Ethical issues occur on a daily biases, whether it be at work, school, church and other social settings in which many participate in on a daily biases. Three ethical issues within today’s business environment that affect the community and organizations are discrimination, sexual harassment customer confidence. Although they may not occur to one, it occurs to others within the community and organizations it is vital to educate them.
    Defining ethics, “a set of moral principals or values.” what a company may perceive as right or wrong another may not. Business ethics is how a business conducts its self, whether it is with another company, staff member, or a customer. Many companies offer ethics training courses, as ethics can and should be taught to all employees who represent the company.
    Many assume that discrimination only occurs with age, sex, or nationality when in reality it takes place in many forms, favorable treatment, and unequal treatment. Discrimination occurs whenever something other than qualifications affects how an employee is treated Trevino L and Nelson K (2007). Whether subtle or not so subtle, it is always embarrassing for those being discriminated against. An example of discrimination: an individual is being passed over for advancement simply because she is female. How
    Sexual harassment is sexual-oriented behavior that makes an individual feel uncomfortable at work. What may be sexual harassment for one individual may not be for another. In many cases sexual harassment usually involves someone of higher status toward someone of lower status or power. Two types of sexual harassment are quid pro quo: means sexual favors are required and hostile work environment: means an individual has been made to feel uncomfortable because of unwelcome actions or comments relating to sexuality Tevino L. and Nelson K (2007). An example of sexual harassment is a female manager patting an employee on the rear end for a job...