Ethical Employee's

Mentoring To Develop Ethical Employees

Business ethics is one of the key instruments demonstrated by positive mentoring and developing employees in companies today. It has been defined that business ethics or ethical behavior is illustrated by high standards and is characterized by demonstrating honesty, fairness and fair play in professional, academic and professional relationships. It is also identified that ethical behaviors are the essential layouts of dignity, diversity and even rights of either a group of people or an individual. With this being said, being in a position of high status, you need to exemplify great ethical leadership. Mentoring and developing an employee in today’s market is the one of several ways in becoming an effective great role model of proper business ethics and their behaviors.

I totally believe any CEOs, COOs, CFOs, or senior executive can mentor junior members, because they should be able to go to them when they want or need help and be able to learn and make sure the job is done right and complete. When mentoring I feel as though people in these top positions should be looked upon as people with real character and believe they will get things done. Let us take a look at Carol Tome a CFO of Home Depot in a small town in Wyoming. She stated after completing graduate school, if it wasn’t for the great and wonderful mentors in her life both personally and professionally that made positive influences on personal and business ethics then she wouldn’t have been the great leader she has became, today.

It is definitely important and essential that individuals in executive position become great and influential mentors of junior employees. At my place of employment there is a motto sign in my Director’s office that says “‘Leading with Integrity’: ethical leadership- a fundamental principle of integrity and good governance.” It took me forever to understand that and now I get it. It’s the achievement of effective leadership and the...