Ethel's Chocolate Lounges

Ethel's Chocolate Lounges
Patricia Ball
Strayer University
Principles of Marketing
MKT 100
Professor Edwin Marinez del Rio
April 18, 2011

Ethel's Chocolate Lounges
In this paper I will address what consumer buying decisions would best describe the   choice to indulge at Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge, the factors that would influence a consumer to spend money and time at   Ethel’s, which factor I feel would motivate consumer the most and the needs the Ethel’s experience appeals to the most.
Consumer Buying Decision
I think that the type of customer buying that would frequent Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge would be a customer with a love of chocolate, but may be unfamiliar with Ethel’s Chocolates.   Their buying decision would probably be based on Routine Response Behavior. The routine response behavior decision making process is very low involvement and the buyer takes little time on researching and decision making of the purchase.   Chocolate is a product that most consumers are familiar with and Mars is a brand that most are aware of. Therefore I think that the idea of a sitting down to enjoy their chocolate and having an upscale, modern lounge to enjoy it in would be a lure to tempt any chocolate lover.
Factors Influencing Consumer Buying
I feel that all four factors influence a consumer to spend money and time at Ethel’s café. These include the cultural, social, psychological and individual factors.
I think that there is a subculture of chocolate aficionados that would embrace the idea of a lounge that would cater directly to their love of chocolate. I also feel that Ethel’s could appeal to both middle and upper classes. Because the prices start at $.90, they are not too expensive for the consumer to enjoy.   With the décor being upscale and classy, it will appeal to the upper class households, but because it is also described as “modern and hip”, it will encourage the middle class to try it.
The social factor for Ethel’s includes the reference groups,...