Like Water for Chocolate

Summary And Commentary Of Chapter 11- Like Water For Chocolate

Tita is busy nursing Pedro back to health and is nervous about John because she is certain that she must call off the engagement as she is no longer a virgin. While Tita prepares Tamales for dinner, Rosaura emerges from her weeklong exile, having lost sixty-five pounds and looks considerably thin what she used to be. Rosaura confronts Tita about her relationship with Pedro, claiming that she has been made a laughing stock while Tita has assumed the wifely role in caring for the injured Pedro. Tita finally voices her anger at Rosaura for marrying Pedro in the first place. Rosaura bitterly insults Tita as a "loose woman" and says that she will no longer let Esperanza be in her presence so as to prevent her from being influenced by her loosely bound morals. After her fight with Rosaura, Tita returns to cooking. Suddenly, a frenzy erupts in the yard as all the chickens on the ranch violently attack each other, filling the air with bloody feathers. Tita tries to stop them but the fury continues, such that the perfectly cleaned and embroidered baby diapers hanging outside on the clothesline become stained with blood. The chicken fight creates a huge whirl of energy, turning into a forceful tornado. Tita attempts to save a few of Esperanza's precious diapers, but soon has to focus her energy on not being swept away by the wind. The tornado whips so vigorously that it burrows a hole in the ground, and all but three chickens are sucked into this void.
When it is finally safe, Tita staggers back to the kitchen, where she finds that her Tamales are not ready for the meal. She remembers Nacha's wise saying that Tamales don't cook when people are arguing. In order to counteract the force of the bitter argument between her and Rosaura, Tita materializes all her happiest memories of Pedro and start singing to the beans. Just as she expects, the beans react to this infusion of joy and become ready to cook.