Eth/125 Race and My Community

ETH125 |
Race and My Community |
Final Project |
Shawn Rogers |
August 29, 2010 |


My little community has a small number of minority groups.   Within my neighborhood, which is mostly White American, I still find many differences. The city is slowly starting to see certain minority groups moving in. Driving around town I have noticed that most of the White Americans are often in nicer homes, going to the popular church on Sunday, driving nice cars, and socializing among other White Americans in the community.   The Mexican Americans are mostly found driving older vehicles, living in modest housing with many people, attending whatever Spanish speaking church is down the street and often holding celebrations in honor of holidays and cultural festivities.
Though we are different we all come together when needed because I believe we have interests in common.   Each ethnic group in my population interacts and lives in a distinct way but we all have a general respect for one another and show consideration for one another’s diverse lifestyle.
Many members in my community look like me as far as being white is concerned. In my town there are some who are old and young, some are tall and short.   Comparatively I am an average white male that I suppose many people could compare to the next white guy.
According to the U.S Census Bureau in the year 2000 , the town closest to mine (Puyallup) has 36,605 people of which 87.9% is White, 1.5% is Black, 3.3 % Asian, and 4.7% Hispanic. (U.S. Census, 2000)   The town I live in is about a quarter of these figures but is not listed at the Census Bureau. Those members of the community who are really different from my appearance are those of a different race.   Taking into account small details, my traits are significantly different than those of an African American or a Pacific Islanders. “The term racial group is reserved for minorities and the corresponding majorities that are socially set apart because of obvious...