Race and Your Community Eth125 Week9 Final Paper

Race and Your Community
Misty L. Charnesky
March 20, 2011
Gregory D.S. Bascomb


Race and Your Community

Welcome to Johnstown, Pa, residing in Cambria County and connected closely by Somerset County. Decades of racism have been documented in the area including both Cambria and Somerset Counties; the state of Pennsylvania alone has been a location of many discriminatory and racist accounts. Johnstown and surrounding communities are still working to overcome racism in the area, as most areas are small towns and rural areas with many, what we call, “rednecks.” In the more rural areas of our communities, there is still a high occurrence of racism. I have lived in both Cambria and Somerset Counties and would have to say that Somerset County is the worst.

Personally, I deal with racism commonly from friends and even relatives against African American or Black ethnicity. Truthfully, my boyfriend is racist against almost every ethnic group or race except for a select few. Trying to break through to my friends and family that other cultures are just different but still people is just about impossible.   I have many friends and relatives who say they are not racist, but when it comes down to it they use racial slurs and look at others differently if they are of a different culture.

In my community, there are mainly two groups, White and Black. I do have to say there is many more White than Black here in Somerset and Cambria County. Johnstown itself is a depressed area. We used to have one of the strongest steel industries at one time. After the big flood of 1977, which is well known, and the reason Johnstown, referred to as “Flood City,” businesses were lost and it took almost everything to rebuild.   The steel industry remained strong for a number of years but as the economy here dramatically decreased, so did the jobs. Many of our population look about the same. I do not see people running around in business attire much, mainly I can tell...