Essay Plan

Essay Plan

Module: Hospitality Business Development

Topic: Evaluate the key macro-environmental factors that are likely to influence development within the Hong Kong hospitality over the next five years. Base your evaluation upon a state of the country, and a sector of the industry, of your choice. Illustrate it with appropriate industry example


In recent year, demand for hotel rooms in Hong Kong will also grow steadily, driven by the completion of a new cruise terminal, along with the planned expansion of the Ocean Park and Disneyland theme parks (Business traveler Asia, 2012). From the factors of macro-environment, we will discuss influence development within the Hong Kong hospitality industry of hotel over the next five years.

Main discussion

The macro environment is the broad business environment that is made up of a number of factors that can impact on the hospitality business (Hospitality Business Development, 2010, p.42). On the coming five years, Hong Kong hotel industry will be continued development base on five points on macro environment.


The tourism industry is a major pillar of the economy of Hong Kong (Hong Kong government, 2102), because the environmental diversification, many attractions expansion in Hong Kong every year. It can attract more tourists book the hotel and discover more in Hong Kong.

Political regulatory

Hong Kong hotel industry is benefiting on the political of government. To enhance the competitiveness of the hotel industry and entice visitors to lengthen their stay, the Hotel Accommodation Tax has been waived since July 1, 2008. The Government has undertaken a number of initiatives to promote hotel development to meet the diversified needs of our visitors (Hong Kong government, 2012).


Many of Hong Kong hotels start to use and develop some modern facilities such as put the computer in room for the hotel guests can see weather report, city map and shopping...