Skin Essay Plan

Ondaatje celebrates the story telling tradition Explore with close analysis of “In the skin of a lion”
General statement:
“In the Skin of a lion” is novel underpinned by the significance of the story telling tradition.
Story telling for an individual represents a vehicle to express ones feelings and personal preferences from which they accumulate authority and power. Ondaatje celebrates the art of story telling as it is an opportunity to play and experiment with conventional textual forms and features. He also emphasises the importance of possessing the knowledge of language, as without a medium to express ones story that story is lost in the midst of the “grand narrative” .

Paragraph 1
Topic sentence/s....
.Story telling represents power for the individual, as it is a narration of ones life.
Patrick in “Skin” represents the story teller from which Ondaatje uses to uncover the suppressed stories of the migrants. He is the character responsible for intertwining initial ambiguous plot lines, e.g. Alice Gull/ Temelcoff.
• “Never again will a single story be told as if it was the only one”
• “He was nothing but a cube, refracting all around him”
Quote Analysis
• High modalility of “Never”, alliteration of “Single Story” (SSSS sound)
• Patrick is likened to the spectrum of a cube, as he refracts the light of the other characters in the form of their stories(Metaphor)
Link to Question
Ondaatje uses Patrick to challenge the dominant figures of who traditionally construct history. Patrick is the catalyst for ensuring a power shift, giving the migrants new importance and ultimately a voice.

Paragraph 2
Topic sentence
The foundation of the story telling tradition is that through the non linear style the narrator chooses their own story, which is precisely why Ondaatje celebrates this notion
“In the Skin of a Lion” is unique from other novels as it is not sequently or chronologically ordered. This is done to emphasis...