As much as we want it to work we all know that working with groups is not always the easiest thing to do. Some team members may get impatient with others because not everyone works at the same pace or do they have the same work habits.
There are many different learning styles. One type of learner is a visual learner. This person learns by looking and actually seeing the assignments. They usually prefer flash cards, films, charts and videos. They have to see exactly what it is they are learning. Usually these types of learners do not work well in groups. These individuals do not like to read long passages and prefer written instructions and communication. They use maps with ease and typically draw out things when they are trying to explain their thoughts to others.
Secondly is an auditory listener. This person learns by listening to people and hearing others talk. Usually an auditory learner will read aloud so they can hear themselves talk. This helps them to better comprehend what they are reading. These types of readers do not have to be sitting directly in front of you to learn. They are good with just hearing you speak.
Thirdly is a kinesthetic learner. This type of person learns by touching and performing task. They usually get bored very quickly. They sometimes walk around while working. These types of learners enjoy physical activities and working with their hands. They are often very fidgety and usually tap their feet or move their hands while sitting. Kinesthetic learners often enjoy activities such as cooking, sewing or building things.
Everyone’s personality is different. Some we like and some we may not. An organizer is a person that learns best when materials are well put together. They are usually straight forward people and will let you know what is expected of you. An organizer will remain true to a person or cause and will honor their commitments to someone. They are trustworthy and very dependable people. This type of person sometimes needs...