A new generation has brought in a new era of sports and although scoffed at by some, e-sports definitely has a future in today’s world. E-sports is the competitive play of video games which was once reserved for children’s entertainment, now has turned into multimillion dollar a year industry. Sports is defined as “Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively”(cite   This definition may be changing in the near future. The skill and fascination with certain games has allowed a hobby to be turned into a profession and a form of entertainment even if you are not playing it. E-sports is the broadcast and showing of the best players in the world playing certain video games which companies sponsor and fund to advertise and utilize their equipment. E-sports although mainly popular in Asian countries such as South Korea and China, it has caught on in other countries such as Sweden and U.S.A and is sweeping across the world. A humble beginning for video games has turned into a profitable and entertaining industry.

Mainstream video games started in 1972 when Atari swept the nation(cite video game). The video game system was very basic and the simple games were easy to master. These video games were not holding the attention of players for very long and also did not take any special skills to master. The aimed demographic for these “toys” were mostly a younger generation who chose to play it for recreation for the most part. There was no multiplayer or online play so you basically had to compete against yourself. Once multiplayer abilities were incorporated into video games, people soon wanted to be better than their friends and if possible, better then the masses. At the start there was only pong, now video games have every type of game imaginable from first person shooter zombie games to games that teach you how to cook. The appeal to videogames is no longer limited to a young generation and...

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