eSports: Revenge of the Nerds (or the Nerds Strike Back)

Róbert Ingi Jónsson 2015



E-sports: Revenge of the Nerds
How electronic sports became one of the biggest things in online entertainment.
My focus in this paper is to go in depth to what makes electronic sports work and why it’s in a prime position to be a huge phenomenon. I will retrace the roots of electronic sports, also known as ‘E-sports’, and look into the history of this, relatively, new thing. I will go into its humble beginnings, its ups and downs and its current state. I will go into the current leading e-sports titles and go in detail into the four major genres of e-sports. And finally, I will discuss the exponential growth of e-sports viewership and what that can mean to businesses and business models. 010/2013-10-05/1331614344109_6/0010/1/900/600/6/skt-t1-season-3-lolworld-champs.jpg

What is E-sports?
If you have ever played a multiplayer game and thought to yourself: ‘I wish I could make money off of this’ then E-sports might be something for you. Electronic sports, much like regular sports, is the term for playing a video-game competitively against another opponent, that opponent can either be a team, consisting of two or more members, or a single individual. And in E-sports the sports take the form of any video-game that is capable of being played competitively. There are many different e-sports games today and they come from multiple genres, from fighting games like Super Smash Bros to MOBAs like League of Legends and DotA. Some e-sports game are older then others though, some have even around for decades, and what determines a e-sports lifetime is the work the developer puts into it and the community’s acceptance of that game. And although e-sports games come from different genres there are a lot of similarities between...

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