Epic Essay

Epic Essay

      Achilles and Beowulf were both ethical, willing to die for their country, and were respectful and caring leaders.

      In Beowulf, he depends on his men when he goes after Grendel in the Harlot. Later on; Beowulf denounces his men when they abandon him in the fight against the Dragon. Beowulf had a great respect for his men, and never took their lives for granted. Achilles showed the same attributes for his fellow soldiers; including his enemies. A good example is when Achilles grants Hector’s father the customary funeral processions for his son, and the 12 days of peace.

      There were many great acts of bravery displayed in Troy and Beowulf. In Beowulf, with both brute strength and sheer determination, Beowulf kills Grendel unarmed by the claw. In Troy, Achilles defeats Hector; of whom was evenly matched in terms of strength and skill. Beowulf stayed behind when his men disbanded during the fight against the Dragon.

      Both leaders showed an equal amount of care and respect for their fellow troops. In Beowulf, when him and the Geats come to slay Grendel, Beowulf keeps a watchful eye for the monster while his men sleep to act as decoys. In Troy, Achilles does not take the risk of climbing the Trojan wall and risking numerous lives, and instead had the wooden horse created as a victory gift; which was more strategically and carefully planned. Both leaders earned the respect of their troops and fellow countrymen for their deeds.

      Achilles and Beowulf earned the respect of many for their actions. They both won the hearts of thousands for their bold and daring deeds. Which is why they both have gone down in history through numerous writings and oral tradition.
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