Environmental Factors

Environmental Factors Paper
January 20, 2014
University of Phoenix
Instructor: Carlos Cons

Environmental Factors Paper
              It has been said the GQ, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, is one of the United States largest men’s fashion magazine, some people may not know in other countries like Britain it is the largest as well. That series is known as GQ British, GQ and GQ British have stark differences in the way they write and display ads. I choose to pull a Maserati ad out of each and compare, and as we know Maserati is a high priced luxury sedan.
        Right out the bat the differences start, and one of the biggest differences is location that these two ads have. GQ primary shows a nice summer day with a blue two door Maserati driving down the street, and GQ British showcases a all black four door Maserati in a all white padded room. With the headline reading for the GQ ad, Couped Up, sexy intriguing and even intimidating to those not in the know, noticing the way they spelled coupe. The GQ British headline reads, The key to an extraordinary life is quite literally a key. The United States GQ put infancies on sexy and intimidating while the British version put infancies on the key of life.
      The next comparison is the vehicles GQ choose to use for each, United States, two door and the British a four door. And the way they positioned the cars for the ad United States car is facing the right and appears to be moving and the British car is facing the left and is clearly sitting steal. Both ads have the pricing in the same location right above the car in the middle of the ad so that there is no mistake about pricing. These cars both are aerodynamic with a racing style and list engine size and transmission info directly under the rear tires. The British ad stand out because it a full page all white with this beautiful black vehicle on it, and the US ad is half page but more colorful with the way the sun shine off the blue paint job.