To : Jessica Mary Fernandez, Managing Director
From : Ramesh Raman, Business Development Manager
Date : 16 June 2011
Subject : New suppliers of health supplements
The business trip to Japan for 2 weeks (1 June 2011- 14 June 2011) with the purpose of finding potential suppliers was successful as I was able to meet few suppliers who were very keen to supply for our company. Details of the suppliers and the products they supply have to be investigated.

For the past two years, our company has been getting our health supplements from suppliers in Australia and the products are accepted well throughout the country. But the limited variations provided by our previous supplier, Healthz Company from Australia has limited our sales variety. The suppliers in Japan provide various health supplements with various flavours suitable for all ages. This change is needed in our company to increase our sales and consumers in double compared to last year. 50% will be waivered off the transportation cost when purchases are made in bulk. This will make our transportation cost lower than it is currently.

Though the offer from Japan is very inviting, drastic changes should not be taken. This is due to our contract with Healthz Company till October 2011. I recommend that we evaluate the products and offers provided by Yukoshita Manufacturing and No kenkō Supplement Company from Japan. If we are satisfied with all the terms and conditions involved and with their products, we can sign contract with them starting from October 2011.