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O’Brien English 202A
Arranged Marriages
Would you like your parents to arrange a marriage for you?   Most Americans would say, “No Way!” But arranged marriages are an important part of Pakistani culture. I have friend who is from Pakistan who supposed to get arrange marriage but he agented   his   in Pakistani culture arranged marriages are mostly related to religion. An arranged marriage is when parents, or the eldest male in the family, choose a partner for their children. Arranged marriages are practiced all over the world; some countries which have arranged marriages include Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan and India.(Arranged Marriage) In ancient times, arranged marriages were prevalent. Today parents will select a partner who will be more compatible with their child, and the marriage will last a long time. Arranged marriages are beneficial because they promote a strong family, they are last longer, avoid the stress of dating, and they families that support the spouse. This disputes the negative image of arrange marriage in western culture and how shows that arrange marriage more effective than “love marriages”.
Partners for the arranged marriages are usually discovered by parents. In older times, life was simple. When the time for marriage came, the parents looked for relatives who would be good partners for their children. If they didn’t find anyone, then they went outside their group of relatives and looked for the bride or the groom in other places. The main objective of the arranged marriage was for the families to find qualities in the bride or the groom whom they felt was important to ensure a good marriage for their child. The main concerns were religion, language, culture, tradition, caste, age, height, location, and education. In earlier times, people did not worry about education level so much because girls did not have good education since their families did not let them leave their homes to go to school.
One way that arranged marriages are...