Zju Sophomore

Pengchong Liu(刘鹏冲)
R621, D2, Qingxi Yard, Zi Jingang Campus
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 310058, P.R.China
+86 152 6810 0608
May 2009 – present     Zhejiang University, Chu Kochen Honors College       Dual Bachelors
Major in both English and Engineering
Admitted from School of International Studies, by taking an exam of TEM-4
Course work includes: Advanced translation, Research of Translation, Art of Public Speaking, Intensive Reading of English Literary
Sep 2006 – May 2009   Weifang No.1 Middle School, Weifang, Shandong Province           Student
Admitted by recommendation, enrolled in one of the best classes
Monitor of the class for three years, remained top-20 student among 1700
1st Class Scholarships for Outstanding Students (1000 RMB, 08, 09)
Sep 2009 – present     News Information Center of Chu Kochen Honors College         Translator
Selected from over 500 college mates
C-E and E-C translator of CKCers magazine as First Translator, six published
Mar 2010               Shanghai International Bicycle Exhibition   English Emcee
  One of the four emcees in English
                          Hosted for one day and a half, earned 1500 yuan.
Sep 2009 – present     Zi Jingang Broadcasting Station, Zhejiang University     Broadcaster & Emcee
Main broadcaster of Campus News Express and Daily Information Report
Emcee of New Year’s Day Gala of Chu Kochen College
May 2009 – present     Dept. Academy of Student Union, School of International Studies       Member
Assistant organizer of the activities of Foreign Languages Popularizing Month, in charge of the co-operation with broadcasting and TV station
Organizer of Experience Exchanging Meeting between excellent seniors and freshmen
July 2009 – Aug 2009   2009 Ameson China Youth Elite Training Camp, Nanjing, Jiangsu   Student
Selected by the recommendation of high school, written application and English interview
Attended lectures...