English Generic Essay

Damn the village! I confess to god, and god has seen my name on this! It is enough! This is what John Proctor says about his already blackened name because of lies due to his level of belonging. Now Belonging can be a lot more difficult than it first appears. In my opinion, I think it is. Belonging can be multifaceted and belonging may be strong on one level but it can restrict you from belonging to others.
The texts that show this are The Crucible by Arthur Miller and the film bend it like Beckham by Gurinda Chadra and these two texts relate to each other and show how belonging is multifaceted and how belonging can restrict you belonging to other levels.

In the Crucible, we can see how a person can belong strongly to his own values which can restrict them from belonging on another level. John Proctor is a key example. John Proctor committed the crime of adultery, which goes against all beliefs, and then he tries to stand up for what is right and no one believes him. We see this when John is in the church trying to prove that abby is lying. John gets frustrated at the high court and starts to yell and becomes extremely agitated and violent when the high court doesn’t believe him this is because of his previous crime of adultery of which he has not yet confessed. John tends to use repetition in this act to try and prove his point to the high court. “They’re all marvelous pretenders” proctor tries to tell the high court that abby and her friends have made everything up. The high court does not believe Proctor and therefore belonging for John Proctor is extremely difficult as if he wants to be believed and prove that abby and her friends are making everything up he must confess his crimes of adultery. So belonging to his own beliefs made everything so much more difficult to put forward his own argument. For John Proctor Belonging is a Negative as John Proctor dies for believing in his own beliefs and values over the communities beliefs e.g Christ.

Similarly, in...