English Comp

1. Preparation for Halftime Show
  a. Location where we practiced
  b. Practice sessions
  c. Feelings and emotions
  d. Celebrities got to meet, perks of being one of small amount of kids chosen
2. Day of Super bowl half time show
  a. Feelings (anxiety of what is to come)
  b. Hours get closer, feelings get more intense
  c. Transportation across town/ arrival at stadium

3. Actual event
  a. The build up/hearing the crowd while still hidden away in the tunnels
  b. The excitement of running on the field and the loudest noise I’ve ever heard jolting through my body
  c. The routine and events that occurred during it
  d. The conclusion and how a life defining moment transpired

My time in the spotlight
By Robert Dukes

Robert Dukes
Ms. Cardona
English Composition 1301
January 8, 2011
As I was standing in the massive tunnel I was in awe. I was in the same tunnel that every Sunday my favorite football team, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ran out from as they prepared to play a National Football League game. My emotions were running in every direction as in the next few minutes I would be involved in the highlight of my ten years on this earth. The hundreds of little kids around me were feeling the same way as I looked around and saw smiles with nervousness written all over them. Then we watched as the mighty New York Giants football players came running by us, some stopped to shake our hands and give us encouragement. Then over the mighty stadium public announcement system we heard the stadium announcer say,” Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated as the Super Bowl XXV half time show begins.” I was going to be in the national spotlight as a participant in the Super Bowl 25 halftime show.
I started practicing in August of 1990. Three times a week my mother would drop me off at one of the local high school; Hillsborough High School. It would be ironic that a few years...