English 102

Faina Shef
English 102-077
Assignment 1
Part 1
Research is a multistep process. One must first start with an idea which transitions into a central/ controlling purpose. It is not possible to research without a controlling purpose as well as a path. Research in the very beginning consists of facts and statistics. It is up to the writer to successfully use them as a tool in order to create a strong paper. A research paper can cover both highly and non-publicized topics. Writers often choose to write about something they are interested in but don’t know much about. The point of research is to gain knowledge and in the end feel as if you have answered the question posed.
When discussing in groups it was evident that everyone agreed that research was a long process. One that begins with a controlling purpose then transitions to seeking reliable and factual sources, as well as filtering. In the small group, it was mentioned that sometimes research can be very difficult if you don’t know where to look. It is important to find relevant and up to date information to both use for or against your argument.   In order to make sense of all the information received one must filter and use only the most pertinent facts. Along with information it is necessary to properly write your paper. When writing you must answer the question using the information to help you.
After both writing down what I believe research is and seeing what others think, I am able to conclude that there are similarities. In large discussion it was evident that the class believed research can answer more than just one question as well as raise others. Everyone agreed that research is not just about finding sources but rather filtering through information. Along with sources the class mentioned that the importance of staying on track in order to not confuse what is being questioned. Since most students have taken English 101 they understand how crucial it is to make the subject clear for the...