Unit Test, Part 2: Challenges and Turning Points
Answer the questions in complete sentences.
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  1. Both Paul in “The Rocking-Horse Winner” and Jerry in “Through the Tunnel” set a challenge for themselves. What is the challenge for each, and what motivates each toward his goals? How are the challenges similar and different?
Paul sets a challenge to “find luck.”   Jerry sets a challenge to go through a underwater tunnel. What motivated Paul is his mother’s happiness, and for his to house to stop whispering that it needs more money.
Jerry’s motivation is to prove to himself that he can go through the tunnel.  
I don’t think there are really any similarities, but I think Jerry and Paul’s challenge are widely different on a personal level.
Jerry is more selfish than Paul, who, in the end, gives his life for his goal.
For Paul the motivation isn’t self-driven but driven in a non-direct way by his mother who wishes for more money and luxuries she can’t afford but wishes she did.
For Jerry, it is all self motivational. He pushes himself to go through the tunnel, to learn how to control his breathing, and coerces his mother to buy goggles for him.

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  2. Racism is important to the setting and context of both “The Train from Rhodesia” and “Poison.” What do the stories reveal about the power of racism on both sides of the racial divide?
In “Poison” Mr. Pope is fine with the doctor while he is saving his life, but when the good doctor begins question his superiority, or in this case, his intelligence. He lets his true feelings show. After being shouted at and called a rat the doctor, leaves telling Timber that Mr. Pope needs a vacation.
In “The Train”  
I think that racism is symbolized in many ways from the way the natives are symbolized as being part of   nature, and being poor and malnourished while the white train passengers are separated from the landscape and having more food than they need,...