Business Eng

Assignment sheet: Recommendation Report (Informal) Eng 1131 D, Winter 2010
Due: Wednesday, April 7th
Worth: 10% of course grade
Length: maximum 750 words, minimum 500 words
● Use memo format, per pp. 88–91 in Essential Business Communication. Follow the
sample memos on p. 91 and p. 228
● At your memo’s “To” header, write “Justine Toller, Division Manager”
● At the “From” header, give your own name and the job title “Human Resources
● Optional: If you want, you could design a letterhead for the company: Stockholm
Productions, 1014 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 1A7
● Include a bibliography (guidelines below), even though a bibliography is not
typically part of a memo
● Attach three or four printed-out research clips (guidelines below)
● Deliver in class in hard copy: typed, on standard 8½ x 11 white paper. A cover page
is preferred as neater. For the instructors’ convenience, please double space or
1.5 space your memo text
● No email submissions accepted. No handwritten submissions accepted
Preparation: Read EBC Chapter 8, “Informal Reports”. See especially pp. 226 and 228,
regarding the Recommendation Report. Note also the guidelines on pp. 218 and 222:
Your report will be informal in style, direct in approach, and memo in format. See also
Chapter 4, “E-Mails and Memos”, for basic memo requirements.
Instructions: Based on a few hours’ online research, write a brief recommendation
report, summarizing your suggestions for a company employee-email policy.
Background: You work in HR at a computer-video production company, Stockholm
Productions. Management is concerned because the company currently has no formal
email policy: Should employees be allowed to send and receive personal email messages
on company computers? Should they be allowed to do so only at certain times of day—
such as before 9 am, at 12-to-1 lunch hour, and after 5 pm? If email is allowed, what
about online shopping or online games playing or visits to...