Since very ancient old times to recent advance technological era, contribution of engineering knowledge have been significant in all ways of life. Involvement and participation of engineers are making big impacts in almost all aspects of human being life. In the eyes of public, an engineer is a professional man who is of expertise.   The critical roles of engineers in bringing changes and solutions to challenges facing our societies worldwide are widely recognized. Such large-scale challenges include access to affordable health care; tackling the coupled issues of energy, transportation and climate change,   providing more access to information for our populations; clean drinking water; natural and man-made disaster , environmental protection and natural resource management and so on.

Engineers think very logically. A lot of engineers approach problems in life more methodologically because of their training in logic and design. As an engineer, we should always thinking   on matters like how could we make this better or more efficient,   how would we design this differently. As a engineer, we recognize more things all around us that were probably designed and built by an engineer, because only an engineer would think that way.

The major impact of engineering was done in points of transportation and electricity. For those who does not own a transport, they will have to depend on other for transportation, especially senior citizens. The development of transportation engineering saw humans effort to overcome distances and time. In order to facilitate various mobilization of human and goods, transportation facilities have been developed tremendously and innovatively to provide   network links, while managing traffic congestion and pollution. In the mean time, public sector organizations seek solutions through various ways, including improve highway infrastructure, financing, reducing pulltion and solving congestion problems.
For students like us, public transport...