What Are the Parallels Between Brave New World and Our World Today?

What parallels do you find between that world and our world today?

  In Brave New World it seems as though it is a very extreme society. Which automatically makes the reader feel horrified, however, their class system works because it makes sure that every citizen is happy. We feel as though we cannot relate to this. However, there are more similarities to our world than we think. Since the Western World has arguably changed rapidly in the past 10 years, faster than potentially any other time. With the addition of the internet and electronic entertainment, as well as capitalism really gaining a grip on everyday life, some parts of Brave New World that were just a scary fictional quirk are becoming more and more real.

  Their society is formed and stable by creating everyone through genetic engineering; class structures form the foundation of their society. Everyone is created to fit their own role in society, which allows everyone to be content with their role in life, as the Alphas and Betas think they’re the best, and the lower classes don't have enough intelligence to have an opinion on their role. It seems fine to do so if they are content. However we see this as immoral. When we relate to our society today, we are already capable of genetic engineering. Our society may not seem to control our thoughts and emotions like in Brave New world, but we are already able to manipulate how we want our babies to look. Just like in Brave New World, we are being conditioned without knowing it. For example society’s expectations of going to school, get good grades to get a good job, so that society can function. We’ve been brought up to know it’s ‘right’.

  In reproducing children, their use of the Cow’s stomach as a surrogate is also similar to how we use another woman as surrogates nowadays. In their world, women have been conditioned to think that they should not become pregnant and have babies. Already in our world many women have chosen to become sterile or...