Energy Security Through Energy Conservation.

Energy security through energy conservation.
          No human activity is possible without energy. Despite Human beings being the superior being among all living things and matter on this planet, capable of controlling almost all things blessed by nature,   we can hardly live without them. For such a long time in human history, human muscle power have been increasingly supplemented by energy of draught animals and whenever feasible, sunshine, wind and falling water stream were also harnessed. It was only after the industrial revolution in Europe, the use of energy from fossil fuels became known to us and its use has been ever-increasing as the economies of the world accelerates against one another. No nation can even barely exist without it.
                Energy can be broadly classified into two forms- renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Non-renewable sources of energy includes almost all those exhaustible sources of energy such as coal, petroleum and natural gas where as renewable sources of energy includes those inexhaustible sources such as tidal energy, solar energy, geothermal energy and others that have a regenerative capacity.
    When the question of conservation arises, we mean that of non-renewable sources of energy. Ever since the need of different forms of energy has been recognized, there has been fear of depletion due to overutilization of it. The more goods we produce to satisfy our multiple wants, the more non-renewable natural resources get exhausted beyond the nature’s assimilative capacity to regenerate it. Imagine life without energy; no modern man cannot ménage to live a single day without its use.   At this point, there arises a need to conserve it, such that we can sustain the life that we enjoy today to the future, such that our future generation can get a little bit of what we had today. Our actions today should be in such a way that our energy needs in the future will be secured. But the question is- how are we supposed...