Enabling Play and Creativity

Enabling play and creativity

This activity I have chosen was a maths learning objective about shapes, measures and exploring capacity of emptying and filling containers that took place in the water area outside in the playground. It involves couple of children playing at the water tray; the water tray contains different sized bottles and a waterwheel. I walk over to the water tray and stand next to the children, one of the children Aisha picks a bottle in each hand and pours the water on to the water wheel but the water wheel does not spin she looks up and glances around to see the other children who are at the water table. She fills up a small bottle and pours the water into a bigger bottle she repeats this action a couple of times in the same manner until the bottle is filled up.
To make the activity more interesting and to entice some of the boys who usually are always on their scooters or bikes, I have decided to add a little bit of washing up liquid in the water, I made the water foamy, Aisha who speaks little English and is most of the time reserved smiled at me and said “bubbles” very loud. At that point the boys who were on their scooters joined us, I placed a sand timer in front of the children for turn taking and prompted to them that for ‘good listening and ‘good sharing’ I’ll give them a sticker of their choice at carpet time.
By adding the washing up liquid to the water I was able to make sure that all the children had the opportunity to be actively involved in the activity (K U 1.1). This stretched the children’s sense of enjoyment and interest and made some reluctant boys come to the water table and play amongst other children. This also aided the children to have an atmosphere of togetherness and created a positive learning environment which enabled the children to become more involved regardless of their specific pursuit interest, gender etc (K U 1.6)
After I saw the increasing interest from amongst the children, I’ve placed a sand...