Learning Through Play


      To keep in line with Bera (2004) ethical guidelines I have not used names for this assignment.   The activity chosen for play is based on the topic for the term, World War Two.   The play covered a couple of days and started with the children looking up on education websites, for games played during the war.   The children searched the websites themselves with some guidance, one child was unsure on how to find the information on WW2 games, so I suggested he typed ’what children played during WW2’ into the search engine.   As Suggested in (ST12 pg 23), ICT children’s interests is more readily given – what could be described as ‘motivating effect’ of ICT.   Which I observed as the children really got involved with the task.

      Once the children had chosen the games that were played during the war, they were informed that on the Friday of that week, they were to come to school dressed in WW2 clothes.   The children were very excited about the upcoming event.   Many of the children were unsure of what people would have worn in, ‘the olden days’ as they so delicately put it.   Together we researched the subject, using the internet and books about the period, and got some great ideas.

      WW2 day arrived and the children had out done themselves with some amazing costumes. The children set up the games they had chosen, which were squares, dominoes, bingo, fruit bowl and pin the beard on Santa.   The day was split into different activities and the children split into groups, each group spent one hour in the games room, which also had 1940’s music playing in the background.

      Evaluate Play

      The room had to have the feeling of WW2 this was helped with lots of posters around the classroom of evacuations and old newspaper articles, as stated in (ST 12 pg.11) it is essential that displays stimulate children’s interests in topics and that children actively engage with them.   The children had an understanding of the games that were played during...