Accenture’s Work–Life Balance Programs

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services,
and outsourcing company. It has over 186,000 employees
with offices and operations in 200 cities within 52 countries.
Accenture is headquartered in New York City.
Time and Flexibility
Internal surveys at Accenture revealed that time is highly
valued among employees—regardless of age—as are daily
and career flexibility. Eighty-one percent of the employees
reported that their job satisfaction would increase significantly
with additional time and location flexibility. Eightythree
percent said the ability to balance work and life
impacts their commitment to stay with Accenture. Sixty-one
percent indicated that sabbaticals (career flexibility) are one
of the top five most-favored resources. Equally between
genders, 32 percent have turned down a new position in the
past several years or considered leaving because of work–
life balance concerns. Seventy-one percent said wellness is
a priority.
Work–Life Initiative at Accenture
As a result of these findings and other considerations,
Accenture developed two dozen work–life initiatives to give
employees more time and flexibility. They range from flexible
work arrangements to programs such as Back-Up Dependent
Care and Lifeworks. In-home or center-based care is available
for any dependent when regular care arrangements break
down. Lifeworks is a free and confidential resource that provides
information on a broad range of topics—from online
health coaching to ergonomics assessments. This initiative
also provides access to experts in many areas, including legal
and financial.
Future Leave is among the most successful new programs
at Accenture. It provides Gen X (born 1965–1981) and Gen
Y (born 1982–2000) employees and baby boomers alike the
flexibility to address the personal and family issues they face
at their particular stage of life while preserving promising or