Employee Compliancde Plan

Employment Law Compliance Plan
Erika Arias
September 29, 2014
Penny Wilkins

TO: Tracy Goldman, Manager, Atwood and Allen Consulting
FROM: Erika Arias, Market Research Assistance
DATE: September 28, 2014
SUBJECT: Employment Law Compliance Plan
The undertaking is to make an employment law compliance plan for Bradley Stonefield and his new business. He is in the process of opening a small business which will be an upscale Limousine service in Austin, Texas named Landslide Limousines. Mr. Stonefield is planning to employ about 25 employees in his first year of business. As a new business owner, this compliance plan will guide Mr. Stonefield in making the correct decision and adhering to employee laws.  
Mr. Stonefield has asked Atwood to assist him in this undertaking. Complying with employment laws is essential for all business large or small. The compliance plan will help in making the adequate decision on a local and national level. Below are the three important laws we can start with on a federal level and a state level.
Texas Minimum Wage Law
Civil Rights act of 1964  
The Immigration Reform and Control act of 1986
Texas Minimum Wage Law
Texas has adopted a minimum wage rate effective July 24, 2009 which is the federal minimum wage per hour. Employers may also take into account an employee’s tips, value of meals and lodging towards the minimum wage. An employee who believes that they may have been paid a lower rate than the minimum wage has two years from the date wages due to file a lawsuit and recover their unpaid wages. The employers are also required to provide earning statements. These are written earnings statement which is a document provided to the employee by their employer to determine if they were paid correctly for a given pay period. Texas also as exemptions, the main exception is for any person covered by the federal Fair Labor standards act. If an employer violates the Texas minimum wage act they will be...