Emerging Opportunities in Radiofrequency (Rf) Ablation System Market with Current Trends Analysis

Ablation is the process of removal of undesired organs, abnormal growths or harmful substances from the human body. Ablation is the destruction of a nerve conduction pathway by the means of high frequency alternating currents, delivered by a bipolar or unipolar catheters. Radiofrequency (RF) ablation is a non-surgical procedure which utilizes radio waves or electric currents to interfere with the nerve conduction for a period of around six to nine months. Heat is generated from medium frequency alternating current in the range of 350-500 kHz. During radiofrequency ablation, a guiding needle reaches the desired tissue with the help of image guidance device such as a CT scan. The tip of the needle transmits radiofrequency energy at the tissue site and produces heat. Radiofrequency ablation procedure requires image guidance techniques alongwith an anesthesiologist and cardiology specialist. Radiofrequency ablation works on the principle of disruption of conduction of nerve signals, specifically the pain conducting nerve signals. The heat generated due to the electric current causes the formation of a scar tissue to block nerve conduction pathway.

Radiofrequency (RF) Ablation System Market: Drivers & Restraints
The global radiofrequency ablation systems market is particularly driven by its feature of specificity. The advantage of radiofrequency ablation over other ablation medical procedures is that it can be conducted without the need for local anesthesia or conscious sedation anesthesia. Also, radiofrequency ablation specifically treats the particular site of the tissue and causes negligible damage to adjacent tissues. As a result, patients can resume regular activities within a few days. The success rate of radiofrequency ablation is good, around 70% cases were successful in blocking an intended nerve. Some of the complications associated with radiofrequency ablation are abscess, ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), burning sensation at the treatment...