To: Mr. Ivan Menezes
CC: Ms. Katie Barnhart
From: Luke Hamilton
Date: [ 12/3/2013 ]
Re: Premixed Brandy Eggnog brand Merger: Chicago  
The 1st of a hopefully long and profitable relationship!

During the season to be jolly, peak eggnog sales soar high. At this point in time, there is currently no product on the market that offers an innovative solution needed by many a family’s gathering. Premixed brandy-eggnog mix is what my family creates from scratch, and it’s something we see the Diageo group profiting off of in the future.

We come to your company first as we see Diageo as the leader in international liquor distribution and marketing. Through our proposed merger, Diageo could make a valuable move as the first to push a product of this type. This would establish great precedence and would go along with the company plan of capturing emerging markets. If your group chooses to wait it out, the Booze-Nog mixture may be picked up by another liquor company and produced on the large scale, securing the loyal holiday nog drinkers.

I look forward to discussing different courses of action with you sir!

Good afternoon Mr. Menezes!
First and foremost, I want to express my admiration of your leadership in managing the Diageo holdings. You have dedicated your great energy and time toward streamlining global operations through decisively swift execution in the marketplace. Today I am writing to you, CEO of the world’s largest producer of spirits, because I see my family’s trail blazing startup fitting in perfectly with your game-plan of conquering emerging markets in the next couple years.
Dating back to the sixteenth century, eggnog has become a staple for people of all denominations during the holiday season. Originally, it was a beverage known only to society’s wealthy, British aristocracy would drink the warm egg and milk concoction to stay warm. Often it was mixed with expensive liquor, like brandy, to keep it from...