Efects of Packaging in Consumer Buying Behaviour

Role of Packaging in Consumer Buying Behavior
A case of elegant supermarket at Mwanjelwa

      In the past time primary purpose of packaging was to defend the product, but currently according the varying marketing environments packaging is being used as an instrument for increasing sales, attracting customers and product communication to its consumers. Now days Role of Packaging has change due to increasing changes in the consumer desires. More companies are interested in packaging as a tool to increase their sales.
A good packaging helps to identify product to the consumers. Packaging is used for easily delivery and safety purpose. The producer use the packing for the consumer satisfaction that the product is original means that the product is new. They also use for the promotional purposes as well as to differentiate the product from other brand. Rundh said in 2005 that good packaging catch consumer’s perception about specific products. In 2004 silayoi&speecesaid that package works as a tool for differentiation the brand. In 2007 wells Farley&Amerstrongsaid that packaging is use for marketing communication purposes and they are the important element which influences the buying behavior of the individual.
      Consumer buying behavior is way through individual purchase and use the product which satisfy there need and wants.
Packaging is the important element and container of the product which protects, prevent and help in handling from producer to consumers.
The key packaging materials are:
 Paper
 Plastic
 Glass
 Steel
 Aluminum

There is a need for greater understanding of the role of packaging played by the consumer in the market place and the influence processes underlying this behavior. A sound theory of human behavior would lead to improved marketing research practices and management decision rules
          To a large degree marketing management must now base its...