Research Proposal: Consumer Buying Behaviors on Cars

Business Research Methodology
Research Proposal: Analyze the Consumer
Car Buying Behaviors  

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Dr. Givental

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Tushar Tambe

Date: 11/29/11

Introduction 3
Research Questions and Objective 4
Literature review 5
Methodology and Data collection 6
Data Analysis and Expected results 7
Limitation of research 8
Budget 8
Conclusion 9
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Uncertainty and change are among the dominant sentiments characterizing the automotive industry today. Vehicle sales in many markets have fluctuated up and down over the past
year, reflecting the unstable economic environment, volatile fuel prices and the residual impact of the earthquake in Japan. Positive signs include an increase in the number of new – compared with used – car buyers in mature markets and an increase in overall satisfaction with the vehicle buying process. On the downside, however, brand and dealer loyalty declined slightly and many consumers indicated they were postponing buying a car until the economy shows more signs of stability.
Those consumers who are in the market are interested in innovative technology and ownership models, including online buying, alternative fuel vehicles, Smartphone applications and mobility solutions like vehicle sharing.
Understanding these rapidly Understanding these rapidly evolving dynamics is essential to
success for automotive companies. The proposal offers insight into how consumers in both mature and developing markets shop for vehicles, factors that influence their buying decisions, the growing role of after sales/servicing and how to maintain their loyalty through the vehicle lifecycle. As the vehicle buying process evolves, it is important to recognize that selling vehicles is as much about the car buyers as it is about the cars themselves. Much attention has been placed on developing markets because they represent...