Education in Pakistan

Is education in Pakistan is up to standard? It’s a question that we all have been asking since the inception of Pakistan. The present condition of education in Pakistan tempts us to cry out loud. Our education system has not undergone any change with changes brought about by political Independence. It bears no reminiscence of freedom and appears as listless as it is used to be during the days of slavery.
According to the Human Development report Pakistan is placed at the 136th position of having just 49.5% educated population. In addition to that, Pakistan is ranked at 113th out of 120 UN members according to the research done by UNESCO. Major flaws of the education system of Pakistan have contributed vividly to an ever increasing austerity in Pakistan.
Our literacy rate is said to be about 56%; In fact this figure is not reliable it’s a mirage and also includes those who can only write their names. Surprisingly, with the rows of educational plans, policy   conference and five year plan our literacy could not increase. Our literacy rate is stagnant mainly because of the illiterate women population which makes up half of the population
The first and the foremost flaw, in Pakistani education is that it is based on unequal lines. Medium of education is different in private and public sectors which create a sense of discrimination among people. Such a distraught is a basic doctrine that aggravates ill literacy in Pakistan
Another, major contributor to this worst situation is the regional disparity. The schools in Baluchistan the largest province by area are below standard as that of Punjab the largest province of Pakistan by population. Moreover, in FATA the literacy rate is deplorable constituting 29.5 % in males and 3 % in females.
One of the other impediments, in Pakistani Education is that, teachers are not well qualified. Teachers here are not being properly trained. There is no such concept of...