Education and Life Goals

For my educational life goals, I endeavor to obtain degrees in Graphic Design and Public Relations. In today’s economy, the demand for graphic designers is expected to increase by 13 percent from 2010 to 2020. By combining both degrees, I aim to network and promote future client’s needs and implement visual concepts that appeal to their targeted audiences. Once I have obtained a degree in Public Relations, my goal is to be well equipped to work for an international television corporation. In addition to managing and enhancing branding and imaging concerns of such corporations, I hope to also address the needs of my Hispanic community at a local and international level.

In the interim, while I am in college I aim to gain more experience in the field of Public Relations. I plan to be an active member of the local chapter for the Public Relations Society of America. In the past, I have attended conferences where I learned that having design and creativity skills will help me when communicating messages. I plan to increase my volunteer activities to mentor with professionals in my career field prior to transferring to a university.

Upon completing my Associates degree, I plan to transfer to a university. There, I hope to have the opportunity to experience hands-on research based on opportunities within the School of Communication, where the student-run media expands internationally. The university in mind has over 66 broadcasting television and radio stations which fit my interest in working for the Public Relations Department within an international television corporation. Courses like Crisis Management and Public Relations Writing & Design will help me gain a greater understanding of how to communicate a message both visually and verbally. In this university, I plan to be able to maximize my resources so that I would be prepared to work in the television corporation.

My life goal for working in the television industry is to be able to make significant...