Educating Rita Speech- from Her Perspective

Good morning/Afternoon. My name is Rita and I will be giving a speech on education and its role in society.
What is education?
To me education is the ability to gain knowledge that is capable of effecting our mind and character. To many people education is thought to be responsible for the complexity of our civilised society.   To me education is very important because it enables us to consider the moral and ethical actions we undertake in everyday life. When I mean ethics and morals I mean making the right decisions. Consequently, this paves the way for a healthy society. Education also gives us a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of life.
Education enables individuals to earn a living giving them access to a great job that allows them to live comfortably. A few months ago I just completed a course on English literature that I have entered through an Open University. Before that I was a working class hairdresser. I was dissatisfied with my life, struggling for an education. I wasn’t really comfortable with my life simply because I didn’t have an education. I wanted to have a good school life but I couldn’t because my family and friends said that school isn’t cool. I wanted choice but I didn’t have choice because I was trapped in a world surrounded with people who didn’t have good moral or ethical principals because they didn’t have an education.   As I progressed through Open University I felt that I was stuck between two worlds. I felt like a half caste. In one world I couldn’t talk to the people I was living with and in the other I didn’t have ability to talk to people because I lacked their language.
Education gives you choice, it opens up new doors. To me it open up an entirely new world, it came with choice, it came with me making right decisions and it came with new friends.
‘’The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think rather than what to think.’’ This is a quote from Bill Beattie. I love this quote because it...