Educating Rita

In ‘Educating Rita’ by Willy Russel, Attitudes and actions determine the success one has in venturing into new phases of life.   It is brought to the audience’s attention that Rita and Frank discover the world first hand and realize who and what they need to do in life to achieve.
Rita is from a background where people get married and have kids, as that is their role in life. Though Rita is not convinced that this world will satisfy her. She is determined to enter the educational world and be like the other students who sit on the grass outside Frank’s window. Rita is keen to arrive at her destination as she bursts through franks door and enters his room with a consistent burst of determination. (quote) This having an effect on Rita and on Franks view of life.
Stage directions throughout the play have a major impact on the way the audience perceives the characters perception towards life and shows the determination Rita has on getting to the grass outside franks window and she pulls out her books and pencils as Rita is ready for lessons and focused to success. Rita enters well prepared into a world she is unknown to. Pushing through barriers, which she is stuck in (scene 1 quote), as metaphors describe Rita’s determination of the door being a barrier, while she is slowly becoming un-stuck.
Rita displays a turn over in her perception of the educated people who sit on the grass outside franks window, as she is resilient in perusing in this adventure. Dramatic conflict between Rita and frank, displays she can bounce back from the critism frank insist she takes in and reflects on, explained on page 68-72 Rita reflects on what franks says, comes back and thanks him.
Rita is determined and resilient, Rita is more successful in entering a new phase of life compared to frank who is cynical, complacent and less successful.