Discuss how research is conceptualised from both first and second order cybernetic perspective
By Leeza Ballack on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 6:49pm
The information contained in this document is by no means inclusive of all the information that is available in the textbook. However, I think we need to choose about 2 or 3 point per mark the question is worth and stick to that. Otherwise we will never get through the paper in 3 hours. Discuss how research is conceptualised from both first and second order cybernetic perspective.
Research in the social and behavioural sciences has been less concerned with the empirical/discovery approach and more concerned with the issue of relationships and with the relationships of different phenomena between themselves. These alternative research strategies involve less linear methods and more holistic, participative methods. This process of participative research is often criticized as being „too messy‟ by quantitative standards due to its lack of linearity. The positivistic approach regards this kind of research as „soft‟ (subjective, informal, meaning-orientated) and as only fit for preliminary pilot work. „Real research‟ is seen as „hard‟ research, objective, definite and quantitative.
 Traditional quantitative research is consistent with a first order cybernetics, modernist tradition. Traditional, normative, medical model mental health practice needs traditional quantitative research to be consistent with itself. Traditional outcome research is focused on demonstrating the value of family therapy and it needs empirical validation for the various approaches. Although the results of this research offer us direction in broad terms, the impact the research has on the way family therapists practice has been minimal. A shift in thinking was clearly necessary.
There is a move towards what is termed “progress research” based on understanding therapy as an education process. The ongoing process of feedback between therapist and...