East or West

East or West!
The comperision and the contrast between East and West was always actual and as long as the

world goes round it will be that very stimulus due to which the world will continue its

development. Taking into account U.S. as a western country and Saudi Arabia as a eastern

country, one can differentiate these two countries according to religion, way of living and dress

code, which are closely connected with each other, and none of them can exist without the

other.The first and the most important factor is Religion, which always plays a leading role in the

life of each country and,somehow, it's due to religion that these countries have kept their


In Saudi Arabia people are mainly   Islamic. Any disobeyment from their religion can be strongly

punished. Saudi Arabia pays great attention to their religion. For example they pray five times a

day and have specific hours for that, and wherever they are, whatever they do , if it's time to

pray they leave everything behind and begin to pray. In U.S it's vice-versa: they have freedom

of religion, which is signed   by Constitution. There are a lot of other religions as there are

millions of nations living in U.S. And of course it's because of immigration that the variety of

religions in U.S increases. The majority of U.S people are Christians. But besides the

Christianity there are also Buddhism, Hinduism, Islams and so on. Depending   on what religion

the country belongs to, it can have different way of living.

While looking at the way of life of Saudi Arabia, one will see that the life standards here are

stricter than those in U.S. What is not punished in U.S can be punished in Saudi Arabia. Saudi

Arabia is considered to be one of the conservative countries in the world, and does everything

to keep that reputation. Lows in Saudi Arabia are very crul. For istance adultery in Saudi...