Deal with stress
As we stepped into senior grade three, we felt overwhelmed by parents’ concern, teachers’ urging and demanding assignments. Our life revolves around schools and homes. Some students feel caged in vaccum world, unable to breathe. Some are on the verge of collapsing under the stress of learning. And even some few choose to commit suicide. In my opinion,   the stress is not a devil, not so fearful a thing. The key to it is how we deal with it.
In the first place, we should learn to live together with stress. Actually, stress is everywhere. There is no one but lives in a circumstance without stress. While we are complaining we are bearing too much pressure, we should find that our parents are striving to create a better life for us regardless of pains and stress and our teachers are there kept busy preparing lessons   and correcting our homework day and night. And look around ourselves and it is clear to see our peers , friends and relatives are all live and work under a certain pressure. Since we can’t escape from it, we should learn to   take it and face it.
In the second place, find the source of pressure. Undoubtedly, in our daily life, at home, our parents try their best to satisfy nearly all our needs and provide us with comfortable life; at school, teachers and schools carefully design our activities and courses and create a good academic environment.So the stress lies in learning itself, or rather, it depends on what expectation we have for learning. When we set goals for our learning, we should take our knowledge basis into consideration. Based on it, we fix a realistic goal tailored to ourselves, which we can achieve with our efforts.
In the third place, turn pressure into drive. It’s generally true that under certain stress, people tend to be more productive and creative. Hence, we should treat it as a blessing instead of a curse or view it as   a push instead of a pull on our path to growth. Whenever we feel stressed, we should encourage...