Descprtive Eassy

The Night It Fell Apart  
It all happened so fast. It seemed like I saw it all coming. It took courage, but at the same time, I was fearful of the whole accident. I thought my life was over at this point in time, when I stroked the front end of my four door car. It was at this time I realized that everything happens for a reason, one will never know when your life may end.
It was a rainy day. Icy, slippery, and very wet, but I just had to get out of the house. There wasn’t anything to do to keep myself busy so I decided to leave. If only I would have thought about that twice things would’ve been different. They always say mothers know best. Earlier in the day my mom told me to stay in the house, because it was too dangerous to go anywhere. But of course, I just had to have a hot head and do what I wanted to do, which is why I had to pay the price. My mom and I got into an argument once again, so I left.
So I thought hard on where I could possibly go. Then I received that text I was waiting on, it was my boyfriend. We got to talking about everything then he eventually asked me to come over. I thought to myself thank the Lord! I finally had somewhere to go. My day was made.   I was on my way.
      It was the smile on his face that I saw that brightened my day even more. We played games, watched movies, and had a lot of conversations. This day meant a lot to me,   all I could think about was how much he told me I meant to him, and   he couldn’t imagine loosing me. This was so much better than being in the house. I thought everything was going good that day, but if only I knew a terrible incident was about to occur soon, that will affect me for the rest of my life.
It started to get late, and I was getting very tired. It was when I was about to leave that my boyfriend spoke these words “I love you, be careful, and call me when you get home.”   I said ok, love you too. Driving down highway 170 anxious to get home, ready to lie in my comfortable bed. I had...